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Hector House

July 2010

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Hector House

Our Home Exterior Renovation - Summer 2007

At long last, photos of our exterior home and yard renovation!
The house as it looked in August, 2006....

And how it looks now in August, 2007! 

NOTE:  Click on photos to enlarge and see more detail

The east and north side service porch in 2006....

and now...

Note we built a dog run for Abby off the rear stairs.


The front of the house in 2006....

and now...


A covered porch was located on the west side of the house
off the kitchen as can be seen in these photos 
taken c. 1910 and c.1901., respectively.
It was removed/destroyed decades ago.
We replaced the old rotted wood deck with 
the new "original" porch.
Future plans include replacing the small "modern"
window on the second floor center bay 
with the larger original window.

The west side rotted wood porch and rusted radiators in 2006...

and now...


The rear of the house in 2006....

And now....


The north rear side of the house in 2006....

And now with our flower and vegetable garden...


Front view of the house and garage in 2006....

and now....


We added architectural elements
to the peaks and eaves of the second and third floors
and added authentic wood spindles and lattice to the porches
to enhance and restore the Victorian architecture
which had been lost over the decades.


Bruce performed  phenomenal 
landscape work in our yard and garden this summer,
despite not getting starting until mid June due to 
work being done on  the house. 
We also experienced a very hot dry summer, 
but finally received rain in mid August which 
helped green-up the grass and save the flowers.
Loren installed the wrought iron fence to give the large yard 
definition and a Victorian feel, 
and add as a backdrop to the many 
shrub/flower beds Bruce created.


Weeks of hand wire-brush grinding, sanding and priming 
were required by "The Painters" Dean Major and his crew
along with carpenter, Jerry Kesler of "Kesler Konstruction"
both of Brownton, Minnesota.

However, look at the results!

We chose the three paint colors from the
Pittsburg Paint Catalog:
Olive Sprig (green - #11D-3
Adobe White (cream) - #OW-14
Warm Wassail (brick red) - #2BC-6


We think the Berry Family would be pleased
with our restoration efforts to  the home
their family occupied for over 90 years.
This photo was taken of them in 1909.

Our house (center) and the 
Berry Brothers flour mill 
(destroyed by a fire in 1970s) 
across the road c.1910

We would like to thank Lance Sorenson, our Town Historian, for providing us with all the old photographs and information regarding the history of one of Hector's most historic homes.




I am a friend of your sister jennifers- what a stunning job you did on this beautiful and historic home-i watch flip that house a lot and you could run circles over any of them anytime! Heidi



I stopped and spoke with Bruce in July, 2008.I was visiting my son in New Alm and commented how I fell in love with this house the first time I drove by it. I live in ND and continue to try to talk my husband into moving into this awesome house. Linda



I grew up in Hector and the house looks great. I remember as I came back to visit how the house started to get that wore down look. Now when I come back to the town it makes me smile to see that beautiful house. Thank you so much for preserving that part of Hector's past.